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Dextah – Therapy Sessions The EP Vol 2 prod 4 tracks (Dextahmusic 2016)

Dextah- Therapy Sessions The EP prod 4 tracks (Dextahmusic 2016)

Dextah – Relentless Disillusion Redux LP w/Bonus DVD prod 11 tracks (Content label 2015)

Uzi Scott (Lefty and Dextah) – Uzi Scott vs NIN the remixes prod 8 tracks (Uzi Scott Music 2010)

Uzi Scott (Lefty and Dextah) – Small World, Big Noise  prod  8 tracks (Uzi Scott Music 2010)

Dextah – Stay Fly – split 45 w/Age prod. 1 track (Untek 2010)

Various Artists – Signal Path 2 LP comp prod 1 track (Styge/Content label 2007)

Bash Bros – A Good Day to Die/Dirty Work double cd prod 6 tracks (Squared Circle 2007)

Dextah – Relentless Disillusion LP w/Bonus Dvd prod 9 tracks (Dextahmusic/Grandgood 2006)

Bash Bros – The Session 12″ prod 1 track- (Squared Circle 2006)

Dextah – Untitled 541- split 7″ w/Dday One prod 1 track (Content label 2006)

First Degree the De – Fahrenheit Instrumania! Level B – prod 1 track (Fahreneit Records 2005)

Natalie – People Person cd -prod. 1 track (Beyond Space Entertainment 2005)

Bash Brothers -Everyday EP cd -prod. 6 tracks co-produced 1 track (Squared Circle 2005)

Dextah -Another Day At Work- split 45 w/Age of Vertabrae prod. 1 track (Untek 2004)

Dextah -No Boundaries-beat cd prod. 13 tracks (Earbugs 2003)

L.E.F.T. of New Moon -Rule By The People cd-exec prod., prod 3 tracks (Dialect Sounds 2002)

New Moon -Demonstration EP 12″ -prod 1 track, lead single “Galaxy Funk” (Squared Circle 2002)

New Moon -Down to Earth cd-prod 6 tracks (Squared Circle 2001)


kerrier district

kerrier district is the acid inspired alter ego of luke vibert. luke vibert has a crazy output of music and thus creates alter ego’s to suit each type of music, wether it be aciod houd, pure acid music, drum and bass or what have you.

kerrier district was the soundtrack for me a few years back when i was trying to find a job closer to l.a. peep below for a few more tracks.


Lefty is Uzi Scott-Skywalker/Permanent Midnight video

peep the new video by uzi scott. both tracks produced by dextah


the glitch mob

the glitch mob consists of a like minded and similar sounding artists that banded together to further they sound they manipulate. members ooah, edit, kraddy, and boreta deliver hard ass bass and bangin drums to any track they do collectively and solo wise. peep below for examples of each member and another group effort.


four tet

when four tet stepped on the scene, it was something entirely fresh and new. a mix between free jazz, electronic, and hip hop blended in perfect harmony. of course the media dubbed it “folktronica” and four tet simply continued to expand his sound, pushing towards a more psychedelic electronic mix. check out a few more tunes below ….


boards of canada

one word to describe this music would be clouds. if clouds made sounds this is what it would sound like. i guess this stuff would be perfect for a mushroom filled afternoon by the beach. peep below for a few more choice cuts…


controller 7

I had the pleasure of working with controller 7 years ago at a record store. i actually bought my 1st sampler off of him (an ensoniq eps) while he purchased the choice of many samplists in the late 90’s (akai mpc 2000 xl). controller 7 got his start working with the anticon crew and landed quite a few beats on various albums and comps. eventually he broke away and did two 7 inch eps for a label out of canada called bully. peep below for some more choice cuts by controller 7.

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